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Accelerated Couples Therapy

Accelerated Couples Therapy (ACT)

ACT offers you an efficient and effective model to address the issues in your relationship that may be driving you apart and decreasing emotional intimacy.

We offer a male/female team of seasoned professionals with over twenty years of experience helping couples reconnect. At the first meeting you and your partner will meet with two therapists to listen to each person's view of what is going on in the relationship.

At the next session each member of the couple will meet individually with one of the therapists to further examine the unfolding story and their role in the relationship. This allows each person to non-defensively explore their role in the story while being supported and encouraged by the their therapist.

After one or two individual sessions, we meet together as a foursome to further assess how things are going. We then deal with the issues as they arise and help the couple renegotiate their relationship - leading to better communication and increased intimacy.

We have found much success with this model. We look forward to meeting with you and assisting you in finding peace and happiness within your relationship.


ACT now and call  760-806-4350 to schedule an appointment.


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